At LittleDrops, our goal is to eliminate as many limiting factors as possible, so each child can have a healthy childhood and a fair chance of achieving their dreams.

The goal of Project Gerizim is to provide the Kenyan orphans supported byLittleDrops, a better living environment, equipped with necessities that can support their physical, mental, social and educational needs in a loving and caring environment, while they grow and develop.

About the Project

The Gerizim Academy has been in existence for a few years but is in significant need of improvements to the infrastructure, facilities and programs. Most of these orphans face numerous challenges around their educational environment e.g. lack of lighting, walking long distances, lack of food etc. to name a few. Girls in particular are more vulnerable, often preyed upon as they travel to and from school. In addition, they find themselves doing more chores after school and lack energy or motivation to do homework or study.

Our vision is a learning center funded by LittleDrops, where orphans will be provided with good shelter, food/nutrition and quality education. Each child would be provided with developmental support such as basic life skills, technology skills, and counselling to reach their full potential, and sustain themselves in the future.

Gerizim Academy is located in Nyahururu, Laikipia county, Rift Valley Province, Kenya

Our Objectives

  • Build a self-contained, modern, sustainable campus for (up to 640) orphans and vulnerable children.
  • Build a borehole on the campus to provide clean water.
  • Provide boarding facilities and early Education and Elementary School for kids birth to grade 8.
  • In addition to high quality education, provide development programs such as, leadership development, fitness, counseling and mentorship, valuable life skills, individual education plans (IEP) for students who may require special education, etc.
  • Implement a sustainable agricultural program – to produce food for student consumption, and generating an income for the school by selling the surplus to the community.
  • Provide jobs for the community in construction and other areas.

Phase I

  • Academic Building, initially multi-purpose – to comprise of Classrooms, Dorms, Library, Dining hall, Computer lab, etc., with furniture and fixtures.
  • Borehole for clean water
  • Solar panels for electricity

In their own words

ProjectGerizim allows LittleDrops to consolidate our operations in 5 of our Kenyan homes in into 1 while allowing us to provide a higher, better and more efficient level of care. We reached out to the other 4 homes to get their thoughts.

” what we want for these children is to live their dreams, not just to have dreams. Their parents have died, we have no land for them to inherit all we can hope is that they get good education and a good job to care for themselves, this school will build their foundation and get them to better high school”.
~ Blessed Guardian

” We grandmothers are aging, some of us are dragging ourselves to the coffee or tea farm for as little as we can get to buy them soap to wash their school uniform, paragon for light. I have to mend their clothes especially the boys, their clothes wear out so fast, we can’t keep up with that pace, we are old now. Sometimes they are very sad when they dress clothes with patches, I feel sad and helpless, I can’t afford new uniform for them, I barely can afford their lunch to take to school or breakfast. This school will give us a break, support and a piece of mind. We love our grandchildren and we know the school will help them and us. Now we can focus on ourselves, our medical needs and sleep peacefully knowing that they are going to get a 3 meal a day, focus on school and get help for challenging times when they remember their parents. Being in a boarding school is special, it’s only left for the rich who can afford, now they will feel so special, so loved and more important focus on their school” .
~ Kiambaa Grandmothers

” I am happy to know that this will be a place of hope, being assured of a place to sleep, eat and get education. It’s hard as a child to care for yourself and your sibling. How are you expected to succeed in life?. I am thankful that my younger siblings will continue benefitting from LittleDrops long term goal of a boarding school for the orphans. Kids need to be kids, not parents or caretakers. Kids need to sturdy and play soccer without having to think who is the next neighbor they can go to begging for food. I have lived it, I know how hard it is for a child to loose a parent, be in the street and still hope for a better tomorrow. This school is a three in one. Education, food and shelter. Tell Littledrops I am so thankful for supporting me through high school and now my siblings. God bless Littledrops.-Wanjohi”
~ Cecilian Orphanage

” We have been praying for this in our small group meetings, because we know that it’s challenging day by day. If one grandmother dies the rest of us must share the burden, we have lost three grandmothers since we started our group and it’s not easy for any of us. The hardest times are when they cannot do their homework because we can’t afford lighting at night. I know they will be happier at Gerizim and perform better in their grades. They will not get tempted to give up, because they will have their needs met and have more support. I heard that Gerizim feeds them special meals like chicken and chapati. They will be very happy there, they will visit us during school breaks, we can also visit them and donate food to the school when we harvest”. We want to be part of this, and help whatever we can, even if it’s volunteering to weed the flowers at school. ” .
~ Hopeful Grandmothers